Woman on the road - journey

Come join us to rediscover, not a New You, but the REAL you, and uncover the goals that align with you and your lifestyle.

You are invited by Real You Nutrition and Mindful Haven LI to attend a half day workshop filled with mindfulness tips, intuitive eating introduction, meditation, practices and community discussion that will guide you to connect to the wonderful, beautiful REAL YOU!

With the start of any new year there is so much talk about fresh starts, resolutions, new beginnings and the creation of a NEW you. We are inundated with other people’s ideas about what we should be doing, new diets, how we should look, and the pace at which we should be moving.

On many levels we believe that resolutions and new goals will somehow make us a happier, new and improved version of ourselves. What might it look like if, rather than viewing ourselves from a place of lacking and needing improvement, we put our energy into rediscovering our REAL selves?

The truth about the REAL us is that we are whole, complete and wonderfully created beings. This does not mean that there are no aspects of ourselves or our lives that we want to change. It means that there is a huge difference in outcome when we approach making a change from a place of acceptance rather than criticism.

It is through true acceptance of ourselves that real change can then ensue.

This retreat is for you if:

  • You’re tired of making New Years resolutions that don’t last
  • You do not understand why you set goals that you never achieve
  • You constantly feel you need to start over every Monday
  • You feel you are the only one who cannot stick to what you say you will do
  • Every year you tell yourself you will start a diet, meal prep, lose weight, and begin an exercise routine
  • Are sick of beating yourself up

    The Details:

    DATE: Saturday, January 20th, 2024
    TIME: 9:00 AM to 12:00PM
    LOCATION: Real You Nutrition 2175 Wantagh Avenue Suite 205
    **Early Registration Discount** $65 if registered by December 31st, 2023
    REGISTRATION DEADLINE: January 13th, 2024