Intuitive Eating

Can you relate?

I always think about food.
I am constantly going on and off diets.
I eat when I’m not even hungry.
I eat until I am uncomfortably full.
I have gained and lost weight many times over the years.
I feel guilty when I eat “bad foods.”
I sometimes don’t eat all day and binge at night.

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“If what you are doing for your physical health is negatively impacting your mental, emotional, or social health, it’s not healthy anymore.”

- Ellyn Satter

There is a better way….

Do you want to

Stop dieting once and for all?
Have a better relationship with food and your body?
Enjoy food again?
Stop counting points and calories?
Feel better in your body?
Eat the food you love and feel good about it?
Feed your family without guilt?
Stop obsessing about food?
Feel at peace with food and your body?
Stop feeling guilty after eating

Do you feel out of control with food?
Do you try to compensate for what you ate yesterday?
Are you afraid of eating carbs?

What is Intuitive Eating and How Does it Work?

What can you add to your day to nourish your body and soul instead of depriving it? Food is not only fuel, it should be enjoyable, delicious and satisfying. Let’s discover your food story, the one that can get you back to enjoying all foods, and your life.

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Would you love to eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full, eat what you enjoy, learn to trust yourself and not feel guilty about your choices? That is what Intuitive Eating is and it is possible! It is the freedom to do just that and the understanding that your body will find its place. You will learn how you can trust yourself, learn to listen to your wants and needs and learn to be at peace, with appreciation and acceptance of your amazing body.

I am so much more than my outward appearance. My body is perfectly imperfect. I am unique, in that no one else on earth has my soul or my body. My body carries me, and therefore my body is something to honor, care for, and not take for granted. The soul within my body is the real me, and the outside is forever, constantly changing and growing.

Intuitive Eating (IE) is an evidence based model, well defined, validated assessment which consists of 10 principles and health at every size aligned and weight-neutral.
It is a compassionate self-care eating framework rooted with dignity and respect for all bodies.
It can help people discover the pleasure of eating and develop interoceptive awareness.

Interoceptive awareness is the ability to identify, access, understand, and respond appropriately to the patterns of internal signals. It provides a distinct advantage to engage in life challenges and on-going adjustments.

Intuitive Eating

  • Relies on internal hunger and satiety cues.
  • Involves an unconditional permission to eat attuned to the self.
  • Fosters body – food choice congruence.
  • Fosters trust in your body
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Where did Intuitive Eating come from?

Intuitive Eating, a movement that started in the 1970’s was further developed and the term coined, by two dietitians, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in 1995. Together they developed 10 principles to define what intuitive eating is and how the world can benefit from its practice.

Reject the Diet Mentality
Honor Your Hunger
Make Peace with Food
Challenge the Food Police
Respect Your Fullness
Discover the Satisfaction Factor
Honor Your Feelings without Using Food
Respect Your Body
Exercise – Feel the Difference
Honor Your Health with Gentle Nutrition

These principles work in two ways to successfully understand the meaning behind intuitive eating. They help to cultivate attunement the physical sensations that arise from within the body to get both biological and psychological needs met, and remove the obstacles and disruptors to attunement, which usually come from the mind in the form of rules, beliefs, and thoughts. This process of intuitive eating honors physical and mental health for each individual.

Intuitive eating does not correlate with diets and restricting food groups. All food groups fit into all lifestyles while adding more nutritious foods into meals.

“I approached Real You Nutrition because I needed help with my daily health regimen. The goal was to improve my overall health by learning habits I can continue throughout my daily life, and make a part of me, rather than a chore.

Real You Nutrition helped me by patiently sharing medical facts & written plans & best practices. Most importantly, one-on-one talk sessions were therapeutic. They taught me first to love myself, then to work on what I wanted to improve about me, for myself, at my own pace.

I did have weight loss, but more importantly, an improvement in daily routine, that has now become part of my life. Intuitive eating, regular physical activity, monitoring of blood pressure and sugars, while improving my overall outlook on life, and my relationships with my family, friends and coworkers.  Maddy’s way of helping me was to patiently guide me to face reality and truth about myself, in a way that brought me to a point of having self-compassion for myself and the journey I am on. I felt welcomed as a friend, not just a patient and the experience was life changing.”

- Andy S.

“Maddy at Real You Nutrition is truly the best! She has helped me gain a healthier relationship with food and my body. I truly recommend her services to anyone who is struggling in this realm!”

- Nicole B.

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, we can help you rediscover the joy and freedom in eating again. Together we can learn to develop eating patterns that can help you rediscover, reconnect and rebuild a peaceful balance with food and with yourself.