A letter of thanks.

I met Madeline Basler several times over the last 10 years through family. This is an important piece of information, because after I was in her company each time, I felt inspired. She was always happy, had a smile on her face, looked fantastic and enjoyed the food that was served. She also always brought delicious food. In November of 2015 we had a long conversation, and I learned of her business “Real You Nutrition.” I knew with the holidays approaching, I did not want to start something I would fail at. I was grossly overweight, had aches and pains, took lots of medication and felt tired all the time. I was determined to call Ms. Basler in January. After several emails and phone calls I was ready to commit to a new lifestyle with a guide that really inspired me. Then I got a severe case of shingles, that I could not fight because my body was so full of inflammation.
I started at “Real You Nutrition” in February, and Ms. Basler literally saved my life. The intake was eye opening and informative, yet not at all overwhelming. There was no judgment passed, and believe me -I put it all out there !. I am at my 5 month mark of following Ms. Basler’s guidelines in an 80%/20% rule of thumb and I am down 25 pounds, and went from a 2x to a 16 shorts and an xl top-Still have big boobs !!!! I go out , I am happy, I am not achy or tired. I swim or do some exercise 5 days a week-but if I had a very busy day at work, I excuse myself. I have learned to listen to my body and what it needs, and I put myself first. Monday -Friday I follow the plan Ms. Basler made for me and on the weekends I eat what I want , wherever I am, in reasonable portion sizes. For example, I can only eat 1/2 a hamburger now, but I have it with lettuce, tomato, onion, and no cheese !! I don’t consider it cheating, but celebrating my new life. I weigh myself every Friday and Monday, and that keeps me accountable to not think everyday can be a weekend.
My transformation has been slow but steady. I am off 3 medications and just ordered my first 2 piece swimsuit in about 20 years. I am 55 and have 2 kids, 20 and 14. When I get up everyday, I look forward to whatever life throws at me with a new attitude-the one I always admired in Ms. Basler.
Thank you, Madeline for saving my life!!!!!

Debbie S.