Client Stories

I reached out to Real You Nutrition after researching local nutritionists online to help me manage my PCOS symptoms. I started working with Amanda and within one month my cycle returned. She reviewed bloodwork I had done and put me on an easy to follow supplement regime. We also went over my diet, and she guided me through balancing my nutrition at every meal and snack, through her expertise and helpful handouts that gave me visuals, ways to up my protein intake, snack ideas and quick guides to refer to. I keep them next to my refrigerator so I can refer to them easily and often. Amanda is approachable, friendly, and made me feel at ease talking about my health struggles. The tips and tools she gave me have changed my life. I have more energy, sleep better, and most importantly, have been able to balance my hormones naturally. I couldn’t be more grateful for Amanda’s knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend Amanda and Real You Nutrition to anyone looking for a nutritionist.

- Jackie K.

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I have been dealing with an eating disorder on and off for years now. Once getting out of the residential again, we immediately looked for another person to add to my team. Working with Madeline was a game changer in my recovery journey. Her dedication to making sure I was completing my meals, portions were the right size, and her deep knowledge of Eating Disorders put my mom and I at ease throughout the entire process. Madeline is always available to answer our questions, provide guidance, and negotiate on our behalf. We are beyond grateful for Madeline’s expertise and support, and we can’t recommend her highly enough! Madeline saved and changed my life…. Literally.

- Anne S.

I’ve been working with Madeline Basler for almost a year now to help get my type-2 diabetes under control. She’s been there for me not just as a dietician and counselor, but also as a friendly giver of advice and support when things get rough. She’s helped me understand better about what I’ve been putting in my body, and has set me on a path for success. When I started my sessions with Madeline, my A1C was very high, and with guidance and understanding thanks to her, I’m at the lowest number I’ve been since I was diagnosed almost three years ago.

- Christian L.

“Maddy was recommended by a friend and trainer and I reached out to her as I noticed my daughter losing weight and limiting her menu options, as well as exercising extensively. Initially my daughter was VERY reluctant but then on her own – revisited the conversation.
My son also was having these issues after my daughter and Maddy helped him as well. After working with her I noticed my daughter and son eating more varieties of food – as well as a shift in their mental state regarding food.
Madeline was firm with her guidance and offered workable solutions to guide my children. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She is very well versed in meeting the needs of her clients (and support team) both with concrete/ specific examples as well as tips. However, she also approaches this from an emotional standpoint. In addition, she is ALWAYS available and responsive – as well as compassionate.
I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Maddy, as she has saved my family. I see smiles on my kids- laughter- and I understand that disordered eating is a lifetime issue but we are all better and more knowledgeable, thanks to her. ”

- Lahana F.

I first reached out to Real You Nutrition because I was struggling with my IBS and digestion. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and with little success trying to figure it out on my own, I knew I needed to reach out for help. Because of Maddy and Real You Nutrition, I feel so much better and have seen immense improvements all around. For around the past 7 months that I have been working with Real You Nutrition, I have learned how to eat more intuitively and how to truly listen to my body. I have bettered my relationship with food and practically have no more of the stomach pains I would always get. I have gained a lot of mental clarity and overall feel so much happier and free around food. So many great resources such as an intuitive eating workbook and supplements for digestion/constipation were provided that helped immensely. Being able to talk and figure things out together in a judgment free and comfortable space played a very helpful role as well. One thing I like about Real You Nutrition is how you work together to create small goals at every visit. Tackling smaller, specific goals makes it easier to reach and achieve the bigger ones. Overall, I found the experience to be amazing and would definitely recommend Real You Nutrition to others.

- Grace K.

I had such a great experience with Real You Nutrition. I came in with elevated thyroid levels that I was hoping to combat without medication. Amanda was so caring and truly listened to what I was experiencing. There was no emphasis on the number on the scale and every appointment started with how I was feeling. Amanda taught me how to rethink my meals, eat a balanced diet, and add supplements to my daily routine. Six months after I started working with Amanda, all of my bloodwork was coming back completely normal! And continues to be to this day! She understands what women need to be their best physical self. I’d recommend Real You Nutrition to anyone who wants to put their health first and reset their relationship with nutrition!

- Anne M.

I started seeing Madeline Basler in the middle of a relapse with my anorexia. I had previously been to an inpatient treatment center but made it clear to her that I did not want to go back. Madeline worked with me for years, and now I have been fully recovered for over a year now. I never liked seeing any doctors, or getting help in the past, but Madeline quickly became more than that to me. Her personality is so warm, loving, helpful, and understanding. It made me quickly see her as way more than a clinician, and that helped me really become open to accepting the amazing help she was able to provide me with. She played the biggest role in saving my life. She helped me create an amazing relationship with food, get my hunger and fullness cues back, learn to be okay with a changing body, and ultimately helped me change my extremely unhealthy views of food into having a healthier mindset than I have ever had in my life. I will be eternally grateful for Real You Nutrition and the precise, personalized, care that Madeline Basler gave me that now allows me to live a healthy life, with a great relationship with all types of foods and my body.

- Alex B.