I started seeing Madeline Basler in the middle of a relapse with my anorexia. I had previously been to an inpatient treatment center but made it clear to her that I did not want to go back. Madeline worked with me for years, and now I have been fully recovered for over a year now. I never liked seeing any doctors, or getting help in the past, but Madeline quickly became more than that to me. Her personality is so warm, loving, helpful, and understanding. It made me quickly see her as way more than a clinician, and that helped me really become open to accepting the amazing help she was able to provide me with. She played the biggest role in saving my life. She helped me create an amazing relationship with food, get my hunger and fullness cues back, learn to be okay with a changing body, and ultimately helped me change my extremely unhealthy views of food into having a healthier mindset than I have ever had in my life. I will be eternally grateful for Real You Nutrition and the precise, personalized, care that Madeline Basler gave me that now allows me to live a healthy life, with a great relationship with all types of foods and my body.